Main Characters

Main Characters

Ken Kaneki (金木 研 Kaneki Ken)
Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae
The protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, he is a 19 year old university freshman, that receives an organ transplant from the ghoul Rize who was trying to kill him before she was knocked down by a fallen i-beam. After the operation he develops ghoul like tendencies and characteristics, and his rationality begins to wane. As one that is now both ghoul and human he struggles to keep his ghoul identity secret always fighting against his ghoul side while trying to continue to live like a normal human. He later works as a waiter for Anteiku under Yoshimura’s guidance. After his fight with Amon he gains the name “Eye patch” because of his mask’s design and becomes somewhat famous after a ghoul saw him defeating Amon. He loves to read and he is normally quiet and reserved. He has a bad habit of trusting strangers which sometimes puts him in life-threatening situations.
Haise Sasaki (はいせ Sasaki Haise)
The protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul:re, he is a 22 year old Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator and leader of the Quinx Squad, a special unit composed of half-ghouls like Kaneki. Haise is a self-contained individual who comes off as trustworthy, devoted to his work and believes that an Investigator should not annihilate more ghouls than needed. Though he is hailed as the mentor of Quinx, he shows apportioned respect and great concern for his colleagues, pledging a protective streak over them. He also complies with the obligations assigned by his seniors without hesitance. Haise habitually reads books, and is very co-operative; as he’d prefer to work with his group, than to single-handedly accomplish the CCG’s goals.

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